Optical Gas Imaging

Optical Gas Imaging Services

Westshore Consulting offers state of the art optical gas imaging (OGI) services to clients in the oil and gas, power generation, energy service, and chemical/petrochemical manufacturing sectors.

Using our FLIR GF320 OGI camera, Westshore can help clients significantly reduce the time and cost of traditional leak detection and repair programs (LDAR) while increasing work safety and environmental and regulatory compliance.

The OGI camera is ideal for detecting small hydrocarbon leaks and fugitive emissions within large complexes. Our trained and certified field crews will quickly inspect hatches, valves, piping, flanges, welds, and other connections to identify fugitive emissions and document their location. Clients can then take action to prevent further leaks and fugitive emissions, increasing safety, reducing product loss, preventing waste, and maintaining state and federal compliance.

OGI is an accepted technique for Method 21 Leak Detection and Repair Alternative Work Practice (Method21 AWP). Westshore’s OGI services can assist your company in its LDAR compliance with state and federal air emissions standards, including NSPS, NESHAP, and Title V.

All field staff hold current 40-hour OSHA HAZWOPER certificates, and site specific health and safety plans are developed according to our clients’ job site requirements.

Contact Alan Hinks at (231) 777-3447 or [email protected] to learn how Westshore’s OGI services can prevent fugitive emissions that lead to lost product, lost revenues, fines, and safety hazards.

Optical Gas Imaging at a Gas Station