Riparian Surveys

Riparian and Littoral Surveys

Riparian and littoral surveys are used to locate and map property water rights along rivers and lakes. Rights relating to land partially covered by or bordering on a body of water are not easily defined, but may include the right to ingress, egress, boating, fishing, dock placement, and swimming, as well as rights controlling temporarily exposed bottomland, navigation, and uninterrupted flow of water.

Westshore Consulting is a noted expert in the area of riparian and littoral rights and has participated in numerous court cases as both claimant and expert witness. We have helped litigate cases involving inland lakes and streams as well as the Great Lakes. Our knowledge of bottomland apportionment principles, federal and state permitting processes, and the Stuart / Massachusetts Rules make us a necessary resource for anyone working with or for riparian and littoral rights in Michigan.

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